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Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Curry

Slow Cooking Quick Tips:  

1. Lamb can be expensive when buying it in pre-cuts. I find buying a roast so much more affordable when cooking for a family. I bought a de-boned leg of lamb, removed the outer fat and diced it myself to save money. 

2. I bought the smaller and thinner sweet potatoes so I could slice them up quickly without fussing around cutting them into even chunks etc...also don't bother peeling them! You won't notice the skin through the curry and it's better for you!

3. I bought a quality organic spice mix (no sugar or salt added). I do love to make my own curry pastes but really prefer to do that sort of cooking on the weekend. Having things like this on hand in the pantry is great for busy mornings. 

4. I like to drain tinned tomatoes if ever I add them to the slow cooker. This ensures the sugar or salt in the juice added is removed and also the curry is richer and less watery as the juices from the veggies and lamb are enough to create the sauce.

Add all ingredients into your slow cooler and cook on low heat before leaving for work.

1.5kg Diced Lamb 

700g Sweet Potato

4 Cloves of Garlic

1 tin of Diced Tomatoes

4 tablespoons of quality Curry Spice Mix

2 large chopped Onions

An hour before eating add;

Fresh Broccoli

Fresh Green Beans

If you don't have an hour at home before eating... just microwave or steam the broccoli and beans and stir through.

So quick and easy, and it truly was delicious!! No need to brown meat first when looking for convenience. This is good food fast!!

Eat with my Pan Fried Flat Bread!

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