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Peppermint Chocolate Chip 'Nice Cream'

3 Handfuls of Baby Spinach Leaves.

4 Frozen Bananas. (pre frozen in chunks)

A Handful of Dark Organic Chocolate Chips.

1 Drop of DoTerra Peppermint Oil.

2 Cubes of pure Coconut Cream. (pre frozen in ice cube tray)

First start by blending;

Baby Spinach Leaves.

Blitz the leaves together until a green slimy paste forms.

To this add;

Frozen Banana Chunks.

Coconut Cream Cubes.

DoTerra Peppermint Oil. http://mydoterra.com/thecleanlifecollective

Blitz all of this together until an Ice Cream Consistency Forms.

On a gentle speed blend through;

Dark Organic Chocolate Chips.

Eat straight away! Or for a firmer ‘scoopable’ ice-cream refrigerate for one hour only.

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