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Cauliflower Toast!

It took a while for me to finally attempt and join in on the recent & overly blogged about 'cauliflower pizza base' craze. It wasn't until participating in the 'Fit Stuff 12 Week Challenge' that I felt the need to take this culinary paleo/low-carb cauliflower pizza plunge.

We love pizza nights at our place and for years I have been making the yummiest spelt flour and semolina bases. My kids asked for a pizza and movie night recently and I was a little concerned that I would have a hard time not breaking the strict challenge nutrition guidelines as pizza has always been one of my favourite meals!

So... I gave it a go!

I was so surprised at just how delicious it was and of course I ate the whole thing LOL!! It sparked the recipe creation drawing board for me as I needed to recreate a more portioned controlled '12 week challenge friendly' version of this yummy treat, one that I could save and use when times like these come up. It was then that I had the idea of using this little treat as a pseudo style bread. Of course I'd have to heat it up before use as cold cauliflower is not my idea of yum... Plus, I am limited at work to the use of a regular 2 slice budget KMart toaster to reheat meals. And there the idea was born! CAULIFLOWER TOAST! The method to this recipe is quite similar to that of making Beef Burgers or 'Rissoles' as my would Mum call them when I was young. Think of the grated cauliflower as the minced meat. You just bind it together with egg, add some yummy herbs then shape and in this case bake.

70g Almonds or *Almond Meal *If you don't own a Food Processor/Thermomix*

30g Flaxseeds or *Flaxseed Meal.

1 regular sized Cauliflower grated.

2 eggs.

All purpose organic blend seasoning.



Almond Meal and Flax Meal or mill Almonds and Flaxseeds if using a Thermomix - 25 seconds Speed 9.


1 heaped tablespoon of Tahini.

1 teaspoon each of all purpose seasoning and oregano.

2 eggs.

1 whole grated cauliflower (leaves and green removed.

Mix these ingredients together either by squishy hand, wooden spoon or if using a Thermomix - 25 seconds Speed 6.

Shape 1 cup sized amounts into toast squares onto a baking tray. I used baking paper as these while baking can be delicate. Bake on one side at 180dg until golden. Gently flip using a spatula and bake the other side until golden.

I stored these in the fridge, separated with baking paper and stored in a sealed container for one week.

I enjoyed popping these into the toaster at work and adding things like salmon, avocado, cottage cheese and spinach! Yum! I had them for breakfast with eggs too!

Definitely something I plan to keep as a regular in my fridge.

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