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Pesto Flavour Paste

Years ago I would visit the local shops regularly to buy my staples.  These were my 'basics', items that I had to have, things that I just couldn’t live without. Diet coke, Jatz biscuits and pre-sliced, plastic wrapped light “cheese” were always at the top of my list.  

Wow! How things have changed. Now my 'basics' shopping trips are for things like; fruit and veg, nuts and seeds, meat and eggs and coconut oil - just to name a few.

These are the staple ingredients I never like to run out of as I now use them to create my new ‘basics’.. Homemade chicken stock,  flavour pastes like pesto and my own grain free breads and crackers.

I know it sounds time consuming and a little unachievable but I do seriously only shop once or twice a week. I rarely run to the convenience store anymore because in itself is negatively time consuming and with prioritising my time differently and eliminating these kinds of expensive shopping trips, I have learnt to fit this meal prep into my daily life which is already full of family, kid’s school and sport commitments, work and exercise.

It is all about priorities, organisation, preparation, meal planning and creating new positive daily habits. They can and do happen… if you want them to. 

I will continue to add these recipes and list as 'CleanLife Basics'. I hope you enjoy stocking up your fridge and pantries with these goodies and using them within your daily cooking.

My first one as follows…

CleanLife Pesto Flavour Paste.

This is a paste I use to cook with, add to burgers and wraps for extra flavour and I also use it as a quick snack food when eating raw veg.

Into a food processor add;

3-4 cloves of garlic

2 pressed full cups of basil leaves

1 pressed full cup of spinach

75 grams of toasted nuts (I like to use cashews)

3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil

a squeeze of lemon

plus a pinch each of;

sweet paprika

himalayan salt


red dried chilli flakes *are optional

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