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Homemade Chicken Stock

My kitchen’s most important and valued recipe would have to also be my most simple. Homemade Chicken Stock. It takes the lead role within my food preparation and must have staples each week and without its constant supply I couldn’t live or cook the way that I do. Yes there are some pretty “clean” and rather pricey convenient store bought stocks on the market that claim to be free range and organic even… but at the end of the day nothing beats using my own Homemade Chicken Stock.

Roast Chicken is a regular meal in my house for this very reason. I like to use the leftover bones from our family’s roast and simply add these to my leftover vegetable scraps and peels collected and stored during the week.

Start by keeping a designated stock pot in the fridge or freezer that can collect your veggie scraps over a few days. This way when you find it’s full and ready to go all you need to do is add the chicken bones and *extras and top with water ready for the stove top!

My favourite things to add to a regular 4 litre pot are;

Leftover bones of one roast chicken

Carrot peels and their discarded tops

Brocolli stalks

Celery leaves

Parsley stalks

Rosemary twigs

(but really any veggie scraps will do)

And to this I always add these *extras;

1/2 unpeeled bulb of garlic

1 whole brown onion with skin

1-2 tomatoes whole

Blackpepper corns to taste

3 Bay Leaves

Himalayan salt to taste

Top with water and bring to the boil then continue to lightly simmer and continue to cook slowly for 2-4 hours. The longer the better! strain through colander or sieve and pour into freezable containers.

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