When I look back on the past 10 years I see a journey of commitment, trials and errors.

So, you want to make a CleanLife change?

When I look back on the past 10 years I see a journey of commitment, trials and errors. All in which have positively contributed to my standing point in CleanLiving now - just a part of my everyday life, something I don't think too much about. This is something my family now accept as the 'norm' and are very happy and grateful for.


It's quite an interesting concept when you really think about how changing my food lifestyle to a simpler and more natural one, could be something that has taken me so many years to navigate within this current world where convenient and cheaply produced food like products have taken over. The fact is, there is no such thing as cheap or convenient food. The high prices of this type of cheap "food" are now paid elsewhere. If it's not our environment that pays this massive bill, it is yours and your families health! Let me make your transition to CleanEating tastier, easy and affordable to you.

In an initial 90 min consult I will share what I have learned to be the very first, fundamental steps needed to make the CleanLife change simple for you and your family. I will look at how and what you are eating now and together we will develop a plan that suits your own budget and family's needs that can step by step improve and become a natural part your everyday part of life.

We will talk about;


  • Pantry and refrigerator detoxes.


  • Guided and educational shopping tours visiting your local supermarkets, grocers and places you regularly and conveniently shop.


  • Cooking and food preparation classes.


So do not delay, contact me today to begin your own journey to a CleanLife.

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Wellington Point, Brisbane | Queensland

Kellye O'Brien | 0423 005 786