Welcome to the CleanLifeCollective, a creative product of the health journey I have been travelling on for the past 10 years.

My name is Kellye O’Brien. Welcome to The CleanLifeCollective, a creative product of the health journey that I have been travelling on for the past 10 years. A collective of my own experiences, recipes, tools and services that offer help, inspiration and guidance to busy families wanting to make a CleanLife change.


I am a working Mum to 4 great kids. I am very blessed to live in a quiet bayside suburb of Brisbane where I work full time as an Early Childhood Educator at 'Treehouse' - my home based Kindy.


I never thought that when I first started CleanEating that it would lead me down the path to finding this new passion of sharing the knowledge and skills I've gained whilst learning to live within this healthier cleaner way of life. The more I learnt about the “foods” I had been eating and more importantly feeding my growing family, I couldn’t help but want to educate and introduce everyone I met to CleanEating as it was improving so many parts of my family’s lives. At first not only did I lose weight without trying but I instantly became a more relaxed and much happier Mum. I discovered new hours in each day to enjoy my family with, I discovered that I loved to exercise and as a result, my busy work weeks became easier to manage as I gained more energy. I had more time to focus on hobbies and friendships I had regrettably not found much time for before, as I'd kept telling myself that I simply didn’t have it.


I was so busy and stressed simply being so busy and stressed! CleanLiving has improved my life in so many ways. The reason why I am now so passionately following my dream to help people find the life we were designed to live. A healthy one!


I’m glad you have found yourself here. I hope by sharing this Collective with you, it opens your life in the way it has mine. I hope to inspire you, educate you and motivate you to start living the CleanLife way today!


I also love to use this Collective as a place where I can do the same, so please take the time to message or email me to introduce yourself, or say hello in our Facebook group, share photos of your own tips and recipe creations on our Instagram page along with any stories you have. This Collective is ours. Yours. Everybodys!


Welcome! I know you’ll stay,


X Kell 

Disclaimer - The information contained in this website is based upon the personal experience of Kellye O'Brien and is being shared to inspire others to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and to cook with wholefoods. Any suggestions about food choices and nutrition given by Kellye in this website are not intended to replace the specific advice of your dietician, nutritionist or other healthcare provider. Please consult with your own healthcare provider for specific advice about your health and/or diet.

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