2019 #Ultimate8 

8-Week Challenge

I am thrilled to announce that, once again, 'The CleanLife Collective' is teaming up with Fitness Coach, Nate Devlin from Fit Stuff and Rhys from Elite Performance Gym, for an exciting 8-Week 'Ultimate8 Challenge' in 2019.
If you are wanting to create a better version of you than this challenge program is designed for you.
I will be educating and mentoring all of the challenge participants on how to make the most of the nutritionally balanced and delicious meal plan.
The Ultimate 8 Challenge is a complete life changing challenge that focusses on your mindset, improving your lifestyle, providing you sustainable and delicious nutrition plans, access to your own food coach, weekly team events, access to 26 weekly group training sessions and being part of an incredible team of like minded people and coaches all delivering the highest quality service.
Official Start Date - Saturday 1 February 2019!

Registrations are now open. Do not miss out on being a part of the 2018 'Ultimate8 Challenge'!

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